Strength Training for Truth: STAMINA Stories September 23, 2018 

Note: This is a typical notice I send out to announce the the month’s STAMINA Stories event. Each month, a conversation prompt is given ahead. Some people stay on the list just so they get the announcements even if they can’t regularly make the meetings. C

The sharpness of summer light has mellowed so we can part with sun hats and sunglasses. It’s going to be great to get back together next week after a month off.

I was recently looking into the grim eye of a close friend’s health storm.  I yearned to hear your stories of how you live with life’s moments of “it-is-what-it-is-ness.”  It’s a beneficial area for strength training, it seems to me, especially as we age.   We all have times when we have to bear unbearable things. And they are hopefully made more bearable if stamina can be drawn from the deep truths to be found in dignity and compassion and honesty.

I’ve been struggling lately with the word and very notion of truth.  Rudy Giuliani’s 13th Law of Postmodernism may be “Truth isn’t truth,” but the prevailing Washington mentality shakes me.  This is no time for saying “It is what it is.” We need strength training for maintaining truth health.  Maybe the workout plan should include lifting the weights of paradox and compromise. Perhaps we could do truth crunches based on an anatomical understanding of community relationships that need solidifying.  How about a practice of twenty pushbacks a day?  Or running forty laps in someone else’s shoes? 

Anyway, we need each others’ stories about how they have found stamina for honestly seeking to live with what is and striving for what needs to be. 

Do come to the conversation.  And bring a friend to the September STAMINA Stories.

A Version of the Wisdom Prayer . . .

God, give me the stamina to live gracefully when it is what it is,

to live proactively when it is something that’s just got to change,

the wisdom to know the difference--

and the imagination to do what I’ve got to do either way.  

STAMINA:   the result of building strength, flexibility& balance in body and soul with honesty, courage & a sense of humor.