The story behind STAMINA

Rev. Carol Rinehart, Founder

Spiritual Guide on The Chrysalis Way

Photo of Carol Rinehart by Kat Allen

Photo of Carol Rinehart by Kat Allen

The STAMINA project got its start when setbacks in health and wealth broke into my familiar patterns and assumptions about the future, calling for a creative and constructive response.  

Through my work with hospice, I saw amazing courage, new definitions of what hope is and the vital role that others play whenever stamina is needed. I began to imagine the power available when we meet the present as fully awake as we are able in body and soul.  

Now late in my career, I am combining my experience as a coordinator of hospice volunteers and facilitator of bereavement support groups with my previous years of working with groups and individuals in the work world.  As a resident of a co-housing community, I convene a monthly conversation group for neighbors over 50 that we call Actively Growing Older Gracefully (AGOG). The group is dedicated to building a foundation for sharing resources to be able to remain in our homes as we age for as long as we possibly can.

Relocating to Western Mass called for re-inventing myself

I moved from Boston to Northampton, Massachusetts ten years ago in order to help build a co-housing community with my husband, reluctantly leaving behind rewarding work with Community Change, a nonprofit dedicated to understanding and addressing institutional racism, where I served as co-director for 7 years, as well as an active human resource development consulting practice, The Chrysalis Consulting Group.  Retirement wasn’t for me, so I reinvented myself pursuing an interfaith education, was ordained and entered into hospice work.  As a result, Chrysalis Consulting “morphed” into The Chrysalis Way Ministry.  My ordination commitment:  

"My essential ministry will be one of listening and asking good questions, questions that encourage the discovery and burnishing of each person's own durable and brilliant inner light."

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